I love to spread my message far and wide and I’ve been lucky to have some extraordinary opportunities to do so. Below is a collection of some of my greatest hits.


TEDx Austin



“5 Tips for Savoring the Season,” “11 Strategies to Strengthen Your Partnership in Early Parenthood,” “A Letter to All the People Parenting Right Now,” “How To Be An Expert Surfer,” “How to Foster the Emotional Health of Your Child,” “Let’s Be in Awe,” “Present Moment Parenting in the 21st Century,” “Putting Technology in It’s Place,” “The Connected Parent Reset,” “The Most Important Game You Can Play as a Parent,” “The Tendril Theory,” “Unhook Your Holidays,”
Huffington Post

“The Growing Backlash Against Overparenting” 
Time Magazine

“Call of the Wild” 
Tribeza Magazine

“The Little People” 
Hat Trick Magazine, pgs 10–27

“Know Your Tendencies and Try Something New”
Active Family Magazine

“11 Strategies to Strengthen Your Partnership in Early Parenthood”
Active Family Magazine

“Recognize the Best Ways to Discuss Serious Family Issues with Kids”
Expert Beacon

[bonus goodies for you]

The Essentials of Parenthood

Discover the power of reflective questions and simple reminders for keeping family life flowing. 


This outline of my book, CALMS A Guide to Soothing Your Baby, gives you the basics of my five step protocol for settling yourself so you can settle your littlest Ones. If you would like to order a copy of the book, please contact me here.

5 Simple Steps to a More Peace-full Family Life with Young Children

For anyone parenting or caring for young children, this is a sweet and simple guide to creating more joy, connection and ease.


YOU, Carrie, are a giant boulder dropping in a still body of water. The ripples you emit are not just parenting related but humanity related. I'm seeing the effects in all aspects of my life. It’s so exciting. — Julie